[Video Testimonial] Steve Syckes of National Media

September 23, 2021

National Media is a media agency specializing in political, advocacy, and corporate reputation campaigns. Controller Steve Syckes shares how the Accountability ERP platform has helped the agency.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Steve Syckes, Controller, National Media

What challenges did National Media have before Accountability?

Steve Syckes: As a political advertising agency, we require a robust accounting program to deal with our fast paced environment. Previously, we were using an outdated program that wasn't in the cloud, it was dedicated to each individual computer and in order to do any kind of upgrade, we had to run through IT management and therefore we did not do a lot of upgrading.

Steve Syckes: We were also less than thrilled with the reporting that was available to us.

How has the Accountability platform helped your agency?

Steve Syckes: Accountability is the kind of program we needed. It syncs directly with our media buying software and the reporting is great. Something we were not looking for, but Accountability provides is the ability to have all our different offices using the same program. Previously, we had our non-media buying offices on one kind of software and our media buying offices on a different software. Accountability is 100% online. It upgrades automatically when those are available and it also allows us to work remotely. We joined with Accountability about 2.5 years ago, right before COVID-19 lockdown and without Accountability we just would not have worked. We were able to work remotely without a lot of setbacks. And like I said, three years ago, that would have been impossible.

What makes Accountability stand out over the competition?

Steve Syckes: The results are clear. Accountability is accounting program that we can rely on to do what we want when we need to and wherever we're located. It's great to see informative reports at the click of a button and the ability to integrate all our offices into one program, but still keep them kind of segregated. And we have great communication with Accountability staff. If I have a question, I just opened up a ticket and I get the answer I want when I want. So it's just been fantastic.

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