Judd Rubin for Monday Bytes

November 01, 2021

The adage "if it's not broken, why fix it?" does not work for the marketing and advertising industry. Find out why agencies need to continuously review their tech stack and processes to compete.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Judd Rubin

Judd Rubin: The adage if it ain't broke, why fix it doesn't apply so well in our industry. Without change,an agency can't improve and can't grow.

The importance of continuous review of your current tools and processes

Judd Rubin: Being able to examine your current tech stack and processes is imperative for growth and gives you a distinct competitive advantage. And if it sounds hard, take note from our clients who thought this would be daunting but found it invigorating.

Why it matters

Judd Rubin: Untethered by outdated technology and inefficiencies, that's freed up their most valuable resources to tackle higher value tasks. And now they're able to make informed business decisions based on real time data. So manage proactively rather than reactively

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