Services Testimonials: Dan Zaret

September 29, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dan Zaret, COO/CFO, Spectrum Science

What challenges were you looking to solve with a new ERP platform?

Dan Zaret: We were really struggling with Netsuite. Between their very weak support structure, and a tool that really wasn't suited to the agency business, we felt like we were paying a lot and still having to pay more on top of that to fix some of the basic things. And it was a huge drain on staff time, and really, ultimately a bad tool for our whole staff.

How was your on-boarding experience with Accountability?

Dan Zaret: The on-boarding experience has been great! Between the hands-on attention from people like Terry McMillan, who is the CEO. You really get speedy responses. You get actual solutions, not just work arounds. That right mix of telling you what's the best practice, helping brainstorm solutions within the system's existing functionality, and building new functionality into the system for you. They make sure that you get the right output and that's really what matters. It's the exact opposite of what we've seen with bigger box tools in the past. It's one of the main reasons we chose to go with Accountability.

Describe Accountability in 3 words

Dan Zaret: My three words to describe Accountability are easy, flexible and organized.

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