Lambert Tomeldan for Customer Stories

April 27, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lambert Tomeldan, SVP, Technology, Barkley

Accountability welcomes Barkley!

Lambert Tomeldan: Over the past few years, Barkley has undertaken a technology transformation to help support its business. Being the experts in the modern consumer and the modern brand, we felt it was time to add a financial transformation as part of our technology roadmap and select an ERP system.

What goals do you want to achieve with your financial transformation?

Lambert Tomeldan: Number one. We wanted to reduce the number of data silos that did not integrate with other systems services. Number two, we wanted to increase productivity as well as reduce manual tasks and number three, we want to provide better reporting and insights to all business divisions. After vetting out many options, we felt a partnership with Accountability would be the best choice for Barkley.

Why Accountability?

Lambert Tomeldan: Accountability provides the flexibility for all agencies to adopt many agency-centric workflows into the system. In addition, Accountability has the expertise and the people with many years of experience in finance and media to provide the necessary support and services for the modern agency. We can't be any more excited about this partnership with Accountability!

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