Neil Arora for Kinetik Dynamics Testimonial

July 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Neil Arora

How did you find out about Kinetik?

Neil Arora: Hey everyone, my name is Neil Arora. I am an entrepreneur from SAN Francisco California. Um I found out about kinetic dynamics about I want to say 6-8 months ago. Um just by doing a Google search while I was looking for developers to help build my current startup that's still in stealth mode.

What was your experience like?

Neil Arora: Yeah, so my experience with kinetic has been absolutely amazing. I really don't know where I'd be, um, with my current project. Without them. I don't have a a technical co founder of any sort and I'm not technical in any aspect. So they've really been able to pull that whole, um, leg to my project. Um, they are precise, knowledgeable, they work in a timely manner. Um, they really just check all the boxes that you're looking for when you're seeking developers of any sort.

Would you recommend services to others?

Neil Arora: I would definitely recommend their services to anybody who's looking for high quality development work. Um Their services have gone well above and beyond my expectations. Um I'm super lucky to have found them. Um I don't know where my project would be without them.

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