AE Partner Experience: East Penn School District

March 23, 2023

A short interview clip with Anjanette Hoffman, K-5 Advisor with East Penn School District, an Accelerate Education Partner.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anjanette Hoffman, K-5 Advisor, East Penn School District

Please introduce yourself and describe how Accelerate Education has helped your school district.

Anjanette Hoffman: Hello, my name is Anjanette Hoffman, and I am an elementary teacher in the East Penn School District. Before the COVID pandemic, our district did not provide an virtual elementary option for students. Following the pandemic, we knew that there would be families that would not want to return to the brick and mortar building or that would not want to continue with a traditional school day schedule. So Accelerate Education has provided us the opportunity to service those families while maintaining them inside our district. Had we not had this option, many of these families would have sought educational opportunities outside of our district.

How does Accelerate Education stand out against other similar services you've used?

Anjanette Hoffman: Currently in my district at the elementary level, we exclusively use Accelerate Education. I currently work with grades K-5 and am the teacher of record for the 30 different courses that are offered to our students. What I like about the lessons, especially from the student perspective, is the friendly nature of the layout. The fact that text, video, games are used to engage students in the learning, and then the repetitive practice of a skill is phenomenal. Yet, students can remove themselves from their digital technology and continue practicing in a workbook or on worksheets. The learning coach tab is terrific. It gives our learning coaches additional skills and tricks to help their students. From the teacher side, I am very pleased that I am able to manipulate the courses. I can hide content. I can open content up slowly that will keep students from rushing through assignments just to get things done. I'm also able to arrange, or excuse me, rearrange the order of lessons as needed. So those are just some of the things that I really like about Accelerate Education.

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