Natasha Tekeste, Advanced Certification on Numbing + Buffering

September 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Natasha Tekeste, Money Mindset Coach

How did this certification uplevel your coaching?

Natasha Tekeste: This certification really helped uplevel my coaching because it shifted my relationship to feelings. What I mean by that is throughout the certification I came to understand and better get to know feelings as really just neutral sensations in my body. So they're just things that I feel, sensations that I feel passing through my body that aren't good or bad. Some of them aren't better than others, they're all just inherently neutral. And when I come at feelings from that angle, then I am myself more willing to feel any sensation, to experience any emotion within the whole range of human emotions. And when I'm willing to feel that and have that experience, I'm more willing as a coach to let my clients have that experience as well. For them to get to know their feelings without labeling some as better or worse without trying to get away from some of their feelings and move towards other feelings. And so when when we come to coaching from that place from that angle, it becomes so much less dramatic and so much less urgent. We no longer need to come at coaching to fix sensations to fix feelings. Instead they can just simply exist and we understand that the way that we think about them is what creates our entire relationship to them. So for example, a feeling like fear doesn't have to inherently be problematic, inherently be bad. We can decide to let fear exist. We get to decide how we want to think about that fear. And so coming to that understanding throughout the certification totally shifted the way I relate to feelings and how I show up as a coach when my clients are having feelings that they maybe don't want to experience, or feelings that they're feeling really challenged by.

How did this certification change how you show up in your business?

Natasha Tekeste: I came to realize that I am always the authority for myself. Throughout this certification, we had various kind of milestones or challenges to work through week by week or month by month, and Rachel really inspired us to kind of, I guess step into being the authority for ourselves within those different challenges or within those different experiences that we took on, so we weren't necessarily just doing things for the sake of checking a box or because Rachel, who was the instructor for the course, you know, created this platform and this program for us. Instead, it allowed us to decide, hey, How do I want to take this experience? Own it for my myself. What do I want to make it mean? How do I want to learn and grow with the data or with the information that I've collected about myself? And so the way that that has shifted how I now show up in my business is that I recognize that I'm always the decider for me. I'm more willing to step into that authoritative role for myself and own the fact that I am the one who gets to choose, ultimately what I want, want to be like. There are no rules. I'm the one creating my own rules. And I get to make it really fun for myself. I don't have to just follow a perfectionistic guideline or someone else's manual, what someone else thinks or says or does. I'm the creator for myself and that is such a beautiful and empowering place, and it really has shifted how I show up in my own business, as the owner of my own business.

What would you say to a coach considering this certification?

Natasha Tekeste: We learned how to question things in ways that I hadn't even considered before. We really start to explore the F-line the feelings line of the model and start to get to know how the feelings show up in our bodies and how our thoughts about our feelings create our entire relationship to that sensation, to that emotion. And so when you can start to do that on a deeper level in your own body and in your own self-coaching, it just levels up your skill set as a coach in your client sessions. You are able to bring so much more to those client sessions and to really help empower and possibly shift your client's relationship to their feelings and help them kind of play around and get to know what they're thinking is doing for them and showing up for them. As you dig into various lines of the self-coaching model.

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