DJ Kelly Kel & CHMPSC Video Testimonial

July 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: DJ Kelly Kel, Columbia House Music Project

Could you briefly describe how Indigo Dawn and Absolute Media helped you in your business?

DJ Kelly Kel: Check one, check one.

DJ Kelly Kel: Indigo Dawn and Absolute Media is an absolute incredible resource. Um It definitely enhanced my ability to understand uh things such as um advertising management. But more importantly, it was the absolute factor of being able to speak with someone on the simplest terms possible. Uh which made me a whole lot more excited to actually go on this journey of creating a website um using other platforms like Canva et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. A absolutely, absolutely amazing.

How would you describe Indigo Dawn in three words?

DJ Kelly Kel: Indigo Dawn is definitely the example of professional perfection. She's patient. She's extremely knowledgeable. She listens she's able to simply take your ideas and put them into action, put it into focus. Not very many people can actually do that effectively. So, um I I'm just definitely um just so excited to be working with her. I can't wait to see where this actually leads. She is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much Indigo Dawn and absolute media. We love you guys.

Why is working with Indigo Dawn and Absolute Media different from similar agencies or other solutions you've tried?

DJ Kelly Kel: Working with Indigo Dawn and Absolute Media. The entire experience is something you simply cannot get anywhere. The detail orientation, Once you sit down for a consultation and and things are put into action, I mean, she is very, very uh very detailed orientated. I'm talking to the fact of creating links for you to use uh creating uh the information where you can go back and read it as many times as you need, you know, if you get lost along the way. Um and just the patient factor, um a lot of times you deal with companies and they just simply don't have the patience and the thoroughness to give you what you are expecting. But this does not happen with Indigo Dawn and Absolute Media. She is absolutely thorough in everything that she does and just makes it so easy and exciting that you want to constantly stay a part of it. Indigo down and Absolute Media. Incredible.

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