Abe Grobbelaar - Agent Testimonial

August 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Abe Grobbelaar, Real estate agent, Belle Property

Could you describe how our services helped your business in any way?

Abe Grobbelaar: I've been working with Joel and Team from scale up for the last two years, been been great, getting them on board with my business, helping to grow my business in ways that I didn't even think possible. Now we're getting consistent views, consistent inquiries online, just having guys in place and actually know what they're doing. It's always a pleasure to deal with every time I pick up the phone that they're happy to take calls. Um So yeah, I'll be using their services for quite some time.

How would you describe us in three words?

Abe Grobbelaar: Easy, passionate and driven.

Why is Scale Up Digital different from other similar products or services?

Abe Grobbelaar: For me, scale, it provides a good hands on approach At all times. You can pick up the phone, you can actually have an honest conversation and get direction and action straight away, making them just great to deal with, easy to deal with, you know what you're gonna get. And the guys are just passionate and driven.

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