Karen Gerber - Employee Spotlight

June 16, 2023

Paralegal Karen Gerber tells us a bit about what working on the Adamson Ahdoot team is like.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Karen Gerber

State your name, what do you do at Adamson Ahdoot, and how long you've worked with them?

Karen Gerber: (My name is...) Karen Gerber. I'm a paralegal. I've been with the firm for six months.

What do you like most about your job?

Karen Gerber: What I like most about my job is that I get to help many clients in the process of litigation. Whether it's translating, or explaining to them how their cases are developing. And also the fact that I work with great people. That's what I like the most about my job.

What's one thing about working with our clients and in PI that has surprised you?

Karen Gerber: One of the things that has surprised me working with clients and in PI in general is that every case is different. There's no case similar to the other and there's always little tweaks and that gives me the opportunity to learn more about the PI Process.

What should people know about the company culture at Adamson Ahdoot?

Karen Gerber: What people should know about Adamson Ahdoot's culture is that everybody's a team player. Everybody's always in a helpful, positive and high spirit way. They want to help, that you can actually feel when they're into helping people. And um, that's one of the things that stand up for me, Also, that they're very understandable. I love the spirit and I love the understanding in each one of the partners and each one of the attorneys. So not only the attorneys and the partners, but each team member is very helpful and always there for you whenever you have a question.

What makes Adamson Ahdoot a fantastic place to work?

Karen Gerber: What makes Adamson Ahdoot a fantastic place to work is that everybody has this team player mentality. Every morning, you walk into the office and you are greeted with a big smile. So the positive energy that transpires along the whole office, uh, from the partners to the attorneys, any staff member. And there's always a smile and there's always people willing to help you.

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