Ismael Davila

January 24, 2023

$790,500.00 Settled for a Motor Vehicle vs. Freightliner Accident

Video Transcript

We were traveling up north towards Tennessee from Austin, Texas. It was a two-day trip and in the last couple of hours before we got to Tennessee, our driver fell asleep at the wheel and we crashed in the middle of the highway. Eventually, everybody got out, we all got to the side of the road. So, the next thing I remember was looking down on my phone, thinking about my mom, calling her, that's all I remember. And what they had told me is that a big rig had came, didn't see our truck in the middle of the road, crashed into it and our van came flying at me and hit me in the side of the head. I felt helpless in a sense because I had just been going through this whole traumatic event and I felt like I was in it by myself. I looked up a personal injury lawyer, honestly, and I was, I'm always keen to looking through reviews and Yelp reviews and such things like that. My decision to go with Adamson Ahdoot really made me feel like I was really taken care of. I felt like they got me in contact with the doctor's for sure. I felt like the communication was really well, and just everything very organized. It wasn't really, I didn't have to wait so long. I was dealing with workers comp attorney at the time, it just took so long just to get something processed and with here, it was just very easy to ask a question, very easy to get like the attention that you really needed. My case settled for a quarter of a million dollars. I felt like family here, for sure. I really appreciate everything that you guys did for me and uh, you know, I don't want to say anything, but if I do have another accident, you know, I definitely know who to recommend, who to come to. You're in good hands with Adamson Ahdoot.

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