Deleiny for A Smile for Kids Audio Testimonials

August 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Deleiny

Have you noticed any changes in your self-confidence since you completed the ASK program?

Deleiny: The question asked me if I have noticed a change in my self-confidence lately and I'm gonna try it with. Yes. Uh I used to not smile as much because of the gap in my teeth and the constant teasing, but now that it's all gone, I like smile more often because I don't have to worry about people looking at the gap and teasing me.

In what ways do you feel that the ASK grade and monthly volunteer requirements have impacted your life?

Deleiny: Ok, the grade requirements impacted my life slightly. There was a little change in my schedule where like, every day I would go to volunteer at an elementary school and I really enjoyed that. So I don't think it really impacted my life that much.

Could you please share why you believe it's important for ASK to continue their work and help more kids who have a strong need for braces?

Deleiny: I think it's very, very important that ask continues their work because me, I don't think I had a major issue with my teeth. There's just a couple of gaps but other kids could have more issues than I do and they could be really needing braces more than I did. And I think it's important that as continues their work so that they can reach out and help more kids with issues like mine.

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