Victor for A.jay Video Testimonials

September 13, 2023

Messaging bubble io app

Video Transcript

Speaker: Victor

Could you describe a time that A.jay helped you?

Victor: OK. So eg helps me with the messaging platform like whatsapp, basically like whatsapp or without its own groups, you know. Yeah, like whatsapp soon.

How would you describe A.jay in three words?

Victor: OK, so a three words OK. Creative, I'm sorry, creative. Time conscious. Yeah, it was very time conscious and then he great communicated to us. It was very, his communication was talking to.

Why is A.jay different from other similar products or services?

Victor: Wage is different from all the similar services? Ok. And is it too much? And his communication through his communication was very good. I mean, it gets me look throughout the entire project, throughout the entire, the entire project is a loop and then he's a very creative person. I mean, there are some, some features that I, I wanted to add. Um, we added them for, I mean, I was, I was very creative.

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