Paul for A.jay Video Testimonials

September 13, 2023

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Video Transcript

Speaker: Paul

Could you describe a time that A.jay helped you?

Paul: OK. So I met AJ on Facebook and then we got talking, told me about how you could help me build my app. And I got convinced and I took him up, I had, and then we worked on the app together and then built it, made it into life some time back. Yeah. So is a very helpful person.

How would you describe A.jay in three words?

Paul: RJ EG is very intelligent, very creative, super fast and helpful. Something like the word for eg.

Why is A.jay different from other similar products or services?

Paul: I would say his ability to innovate things that I did not pay attention to is attention to detail. You know what I'm saying is, um, creativeness is intelligence, ability to work in a short period of time. Yeah, that's what makes him different from other people. He's a very dilligent person to work with hard working superfast and helpful.

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