Deanne M. Forgiveness Testimonial

December 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Deanne M, Reading Specialist

Deanne M: After reporting my forgiveness to Fiducius, I felt relieved. It was one less thing I had to deal with one less thing on my plate. And financially it just gave me sort of a peace of mind that I could be done with this finally after, uh, you know, being out of college for a number of years and going back and forth with being in forbearance and going back to school and then not knowing where all my payments were. So it's, it's been just a relief for me.

Deanne M: If I had a friend or a colleague who was thinking about pursuing the forgiveness through Fiducius, I would say 100% go for it. There's a little bit of an investment up front. But uh just having someone help you, you work through all the steps and the peace of mind knowing that someone is going to be there to watch your back and help you through it all. Especially if you are a working parent that has a family, you know, Children. And um it's, it's a lot of, of things just that you have to constantly stay on top of and, and having that person to hold your hand, so to speak and just walk you through it and, and help you get to the end is, has been um a great benefit for me and for my financial situation.

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