Melanie Villapando for The Velocity Experience

June 21, 2022

Melanie has been partnering with Velocity for various recruitment support since 2006, recommending Velocity's services at every company she works with.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Melanie Villapando, Vice President of Talent, Confidential Biotechnology

What challenges were you facing that Velocity helped you overcome?

Melanie Villapando: Most recently, Velocity has stepped in and helped me at a new company where we're setting up to build the team. I didn't have recruiters or sourcers to help me, and that was the partnership that VELOCITY brought in. It's been great working with them. The entire company enjoys working with the team, and everyone at Velocity has been amazing.

What have been the greatest benefits of working with the Velocity team?

Melanie Villapando: The greatest benefits of working with the Velocity team has always been their knowledge of the market and understanding of the process, what candidates are looking for, and most most importantly, how to deal with hiring managers and help them ease through their experience in talking to candidates and selecting the right person for the job.

If you had to tell someone why they should work with Velocity - what would you say?

Melanie Villapando: In promoting Velocity to another company or individual, the point that I would most make to them is if you need this done and you need it done well, go to Velocity. In fact, I did speak with someone the other day who was very nervous about how they were going to go about hiring a couple hundred people, and I asked them, for some information about what they were looking to do. And I recommended that they contact Velocity and they could help that get done for them.

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