Abbot Laboratories for The Velocity Experience

January 18, 2023

Jennifer Nichols shares why Velocity is the best candidate sourcing and recruiting partner in the market.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jennifer Nichols, Executive Recruiting, Abbott

What challenges were you facing that Velocity helped you overcome?

Jennifer Nichols: Today's talent market can be so highly competitive and so confusing, right? When you're in recruiting and sourcing, you need that great partner that can help you. We were faced with a really tough to fill position that took us a really long time. We couldn't identify the exact match and talent. Our location was pretty far north, and so it was hard to get people who wanted to have a virtual position come to work for us. We reached out to velocity who was able to find us the ideal candidate through their sourcing techniques.

What have been the greatest benefits of working with the Velocity team?

Jennifer Nichols: The greatest benefits in working with velocity have been the partnership. It was unique from the time that we started recruiting for the role. I engaged them on the intake conversation, which made a world of difference, inviting them to that meeting. They were able to flush out some key required skills that the hiring leader hadn't mentioned before. In addition to that, we set up a weekly call schedule and met with that client to drive them to make decisions. It was super helpful. They were able to go out to the market together. We were able to find some amazing candidates and when those candidates didn't respond, I was able to reach back out and engage that candidate and bring them over the finish line. It was the partnership. It was the enthusiasm with the hiring leader. It was the technologies that they have access to.

If you had to tell someone why they should work with Velocity - what would you say?

Jennifer Nichols: Velocity's got a great business model, I think from a recruiting perspective, their reach into the marketplace can uncover candidates that sometimes your typical recruiting firm or team can't. In addition to that, they can focus on diversity. They can focus on inclusion, and the biggest benefit of the search is that they can come back as a sourcing partner with us and provide data that talks to the market. In our particular situation, we had more than 150 candidates we reached out to. We were able to track who responded and how long it took them to respond. We were able to capture notes on the interest of the candidate and their expression of interest in the role. And then we were able to take them through the rest of the process. I think that anyone who's got a difficult search in today's market should engage velocity. They are by far the best in the market.

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