CMO of Unity celebrates Women's History Month

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Carol Carpenter, CMO, Unity

Please briefly introduce yourself, where you work and what you do

Carol Carpenter: Hi, I'm Carol Carpenter. I'm the Chief Marketing Officer of Unity. A real-time, 3D engine. You probably know us for games. Over 50% of the games in the market are made with Unity.

Happy Women’s History Month! How are you celebrating?

Carol Carpenter: I'm celebrating Women's History Month in a few ways. One at Unity, we recently hosted a panel of women in gaming for the entire community at Unity. It was an amazing discussion. We had real groundbreaking leaders from companies like Pocket Gems, Candywriter Activision, and Weli Labs. It was a great discussion. The other thing we're doing, I'm doing, is I'm making an effort to reach out to women who have influenced and supported me in my career. Great time to give back and just give appreciation. And third, I'm making an effort to reach out to more women in my organization to see how they're doing and just do a general March check in, given all the rain and the storms and what's happening in the world. It's a good time to check in and support each other.

How does the gaming industry empower women?

Carol Carpenter: The gaming industry empowers women in so many ways. Now, we see that over half the players are women. And in fact, in a recent study in 2022 by the Entertainment Software Association, we saw that 48% of game players are female and 29% identify as people of colour. We still have work to do, but we're definitely on our way there. And in fact, what we see here at Unity is that with tools like Unity that are relatively easy to use. We see that many more women are choosing to become creators. People like Ramen VR's Lauren Frazier, who is the co founder of, of Ramen VR, and built the incredible MMO, Zenith: The Last City. Encourage everybody to give that a whirl. Michela Rimensberger, she's the CEO of Sycoforge Games. She's leading a team in developing a truly impressive game. Return to Nangrim, and Hannah Kennedy, she's the art director from Obsidian Entertainment. Joined us in our Unite keynote for the game, Pentiment. These are all games that women are leading and creating, and I encourage you to give them a whirl.

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