Larry Lauck - Tools for Showrooms

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Larry Lauck: There there are some companies we need to reach out to and ask them how come they have not joined and what do we need to do, What programs are they looking for to get out of ALA? You get you get into your regular job and you're you're not thinking about your association, you're a member of. So that's where we need to interject some of the tools and resources that we have to make to make that company more of a vital going concern within their marketplace. Whether it's how do they come up with more marketing, ideas, marketing tools using the lighting magazine, using social media, all of these various elements and then training their employees. We need to do a better job helping them train their employees at the retail level. So when someone walks into the store, you automatically know that that is a professional that understands the lighting industry and can help decorate their home.


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