Tacticlip Fan Feedback

August 02, 2022

From Beau

Video Transcript

Speaker: Beau Chevassus, Designer, Tacticlip

Beau Chevassus: Mhm. Hello everybody. It's me Beau Chevassus, along with my daughter Penny. And I actually just wanted to show you guys a prototype of the packaging of these tactical hair clips. I'm actually looking ahead to another factory to produce these things, because we are always looking to improve our tactical hair clips. And so if they scratch easily, then we will get to the bottom of how to make a nicer finish. If they break easily, then we will make them stronger if they're too dull. How do we make them sharper if they're too sharp? How do we make them dull? We're always trying to improve them. So there's my little humble feedback. I'd like to hear your feedback.

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