Jacob Hackbarth, TNT's New Project Manager

June 21, 2022

TNT Machining & Fabrication welcomes Jacob Hackbarth as a new Project Manager.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jacob Hackbarth, Project Manager, TNT

Please introduce yourself...

Jacob Hackbarth: Hello, My name is Jacob Hackbarth. I'm from St Louis, Missouri; sort of the South County area, and I'm working as a project manager here at TNT Machine and fabrication.

What excites you about working here?

Jacob Hackbarth: I'm excited to be working here because I like working with steel and solving problems. I look forward to collaborating with other people and get to get jobs done. And I'm really excited to be working on the projects here.

Tell us a little about yourself...

Jacob Hackbarth: So one fun thing about me is I, in my free time I like to work on my bikes and ride them. I also have built frames from the ground up. I have equipped them with the different components. I've done a little bit of bicycle racing before. I'm also pretty heavily interested. I'm a car enthusiast. I like to build my exhaust systems, build the engines, change them up, do different things.

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