Crystal Vilkaitis - Social to Sale

April 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Crystal Vilkaitis, Crystal Media

Crystal Vilkaitis: Hello, my name is Crystal Vilkaitis. I'm the owner of Crystal Media and we help independent retailers shine online and build confidence in themselves and in their marketing, so they know that their social media and marketing efforts are driving real results like traffic and sales.

What will you be speaking about at the ALA Conference?

Crystal Vilkaitis: I am so excited for my sessions at the ALA Conference. I have two of them. One is "Social to Sale," and in this session, it's all about building your profitable social media plan and system. Most retailers don't have a plan and system when it comes to their social media. So they're not seeing consistent results. They don't know if their social media is working, they feel like they are wasting time. And my goal with this session is really to lay it out - the six pillars to help you build that plan and your system. So you create consistency, you see more results with social media and you're feeling confident in your marketing.

What ideas will we be able to take back with us, and put into practice?

Crystal Vilkaitis: For my "Social to Sale" topic, you'll walk away understanding the components of building a really strong social media foundation. We'll talk about smart goals and how to take those and reverse engineer them to create specific social media campaigns and content. We'll go deep on what kind of content is working well in all the different platforms and how to organize and create your content. You'll walk away with building strategies, how to build your audiences and your email list and text messaging list. And you'll learn how to measure and track your social media efforts in which metrics are meaningful.

Social to Sale

Crystal Vilkaitis: I'm going, are you?

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