Secure File Transport(powered by Botdoc) Testimonial: Rock Solid Funding

November 24, 2021

Secure File Transport(powered by Botdoc) Testimonial: Rock Solid Funding

Video Transcript

Speaker: Adrian Zgoda, Director of Information Technology, Rock Solid Funding

Please introduce yourself and describe the problem you were trying to solve when you purchased Secure File Transfer.

Adrian Zgoda: My name is Adrian Zgoda and I am director of Information technology for financial services company. We originally came to Cloud Maven because we needed a way to quickly and securely send files to and request files from our customers directly from Salesforce.

How are things better now that you are using Secure File Transfer?

Adrian Zgoda: The SFT App, completely met our needs and expectations. Once it was deployed, we were able to put our customers at ease knowing that their files were safe and not just being sent via email. It's made a really big difference with our more security conscious clients.

Can you estimate how much time and money you have saved by using Secure File Transfer?

Adrian Zgoda: Cloud Maven Team came through with a really great application that was definitely fairly priced compared to some of the other solutions that I had found. And plus, you know, they took care of everything with deployment, so it saves us a lot of time with the setup and everything that goes along with that.

Can you describe how easy or difficult the implementation and setup of Secure File Transfer was?

Adrian Zgoda: One of my favorite things about working with Cloud Maven is that they really handle everything from start to finish. They take care of the setup and deployment and you're left with a finished working product that does exactly what it should Dealt with other applications. that not only do you have to pay for the application, but you also have to install and deploy yourself and get everything set up. It's a night and day difference.

What is your overall level of satisfaction with Cloud Maven, Inc.?

Adrian Zgoda: Overall, we've been very satisfied with the Cloud Maven team. we've actually used them for more than just the existing applications, like the secure file transport and the credit checker. We've had them actually built a few custom solutions for us as well, and we couldn't be happier with what they've delivered with us over the time that we've been working with them.

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