RaniTilva for Member Stories

July 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: RaniTilva

Please introduce yourself, then share your experience with SimpleTherapy Inc.

RaniTilva: Hi, my name is Ronny and my experience is simple. Therapy has been one where I chose to pursue this program in order to get ahead of a long time injury and really maintain flexibility in that area. The three words that I would use to describe this service is simple, customizable and consistent. The program that it offers is extremely customizable and ask for your feedback, which is really great in creating that consistent experience and not only challenges you but reinforces the flexibility that you already have. I would definitely recommend this service to others because it's very easy to maintain. They send reminders. The schedule is something that you can customize to fit with your day and it makes a really great way to take a break in the middle of the day, regain some focus or wind down your day.

Choose three words that describe our services and why.

RaniTilva: The three words that I would use to describe simple therapy are simple, customizable and consistent. That's because you can easily give your feedback in the app, and then the programs will adjust themselves based on what you're saying. Um The experience is very consistent in that the program when it is created for you every day, but you go in um be level of challenge and the level of Nunes versus um previously experienced um exercises are pretty consistent day to day.

Would you recommend our services to others? Why?

RaniTilva: I would recommend simple therapy just because it is very easy to pick up anyone with any skill level. Any level of pain can easily go into the program and choose what they want to do. And so it really customizes itself to be fit for you.

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