Jennifer for Success Accelerator Video Testimonials

November 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jennifer

Please introduce yourself.

Jennifer: Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am currently 19 years old and I go to TMU for criminology.

What does Success mean to you?

Jennifer: To me, success looks like financial stability, being able to rely on a community, friends and family and um just taking care of my mental health um by talking to people if I need to reach out or anything like that. Also, I do think success may play a role in like volunteering for me. Like, I don't know, I just feel like if I'm doing something for the community, I would consider that successful. And yeah, I think one of my main goals in life is to get a condo. So after I get that, I think I would consider myself successful just because I feel like I would be very happy living there and everything would be great. I don't know, it just seems like a good goal.

What is your experience like participating in the Success Accelerator's Program?

Jennifer: My personal experience with Success Accelerator has been great. I was actually looking for a place to meet new people and I actually ended up finding some new people to talk with and um some people had similar goals, which was cool to see and everyone was sharing their own stories. The instructors were super nice and welcoming. Like everyone was really kind. Um There was like great snacks and um we just all focus on our own goals and like writing everything down did motivate me to do my laundry afterwards. So that was great. And um just like the support was really nice because after COVID, it's been very isolating and hard to find new people. But in this program, I felt like the instructors were just very supportive of me. And I even asked someone from like this program to help me find a volunteer program. And I found this. So I'm very happy about that.

How has the Success Accelerator helped you?

Jennifer: Success accelerator has helped me plan my goals for next year and finish the goals for this year. So I'm pretty happy about that. It also helped me get active because I actually had to commute to this place. And um it was good to see other people with similar goals, so we could talk and hopefully plan something out in the future with other people. And there was also other programs like financial ST like financial courses um which help people financial literacy, which was really cool. I think um this would be good for anyone that is struggling with their money. And there's a lot of entrepreneur, entrepreneurial people who were interested in starting their own businesses. So I'm happy to see other people thrive. And I think it kind of just like gave me a lot of perspective on other people's lives because a lot of people were just sharing their stories and they were very vulnerable, which was quite interesting to see. And it kind of gave me a different perspective on other people's lives compared to mine. So that was great to see like just different perspective on things

Tell us about how you've already applied something you've got from a Success Accelerator Program into your life and the impact it has.

Jennifer: Success accelerator has pushed me to volunteer more and learn more, just grow more. I think that after I attended this program, I started looking on my laptop for other opportunities at my school to volunteer at or even food bank. So I think I'm going next weekend, which I'm pretty excited about too.

Would you recommend Success Accelerator to peers? Please tell us more!

Jennifer: The program I attended was called Intentions of the Year where we would all focus on what we wanted to finish and we would have a to do list on what to do for the week and what we should get done before December. And you just write what you have to get done and what you see yourself as and what goals and hobbies you guys have. And honestly, I think I learned that I should try my best to be more productive and that when I write things down, it's a lot easier to memorize things. I've been really unmotivated to do things. Um So this kind of just pushed me to go and do things with my life. So it's really nice and honestly just the support was really nice and just listening to everyone share their stories was good.

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