Resflex Updates with Andrea (Q1 2024)

February 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Andrea Frelka: Hi, I'm Andrea Frelka, Vice President of Business Development here at Velocity. Today, I'm excited to share our latest enhancements we've made to Resflex - our exclusive Candidate Manager System. Everything we do at Velocity, we have the aim of driving efficiencies for our clients and helping our clients to make more informed hiring decisions based on data. These updates reflect both of these goals. Let's get right to it with the Snapshot! Snapshot can be found in two places in Resfex - on the home page - Intuitively, you can find it along these tiles going to the bullseye. You can also find it by clicking on the Interested Candidates. Right at the top, we have blue hyperlinks. Clicking into the Snapshot, you will see that it's a real-time overview of all of the candidate activity. Starting on the left is the Total Sourced We have 73 candidates, and at any given time, you can log in and see how many are Interested, Not Interested and Unresponsive. Our outreach activity... That's our campaign out to the talent pool. At this time, we have 424 attempts. And you can see exactly how many Phone - Email - Text Messages and Social Media attempts we have. From those 424 attempts, we have 13 Interested Candidates! And we really break that down on the hiring step - So you can see exactly how many of them are being Reviewed, how many are New that still need to be reviewed, and anybody that's in the Interview Phase. And furthermore, all of those that are in the Interview Phase here, we have the opportunity to be able to have these listed for you at a click of a button... To be able to go deeper into that candidate's profile. Scrolling on down further... we have other information regarding the talent pool as far as the Contact Ratio - How quickly we're able to get that First Interested candidate -- we're able to find that First Interested candidate in just one business day -- And on average, it takes about a day and a half for us to get Interested candidates with this particular pool. And similarly, the number of attempts that it's taking for us to find candidates for this pool -- just about two phone calls in order to get people on the phone and get them interested in your roles. If we scroll down further, you can see our compensation mapping. With this, what we're doing is we're mapping out both the Interested and Not interested candidates. So you can see exactly where the candidates are falling, and if there's any misalignment with compensation expectations. Our clients are using this for their positions, as well as our sourcing team, making sure that we are in-line with the level that's appropriate for your role. The next update I wanted to share is the Summary. The Summary can be found right up at the top in the orange bar. By clicking on the Summary, what that does is it pulls in all the information from both the Interested and the Not Interested candidates... The Interested we really wanted to highlight for you to drive efficiencies. And share what is it that's making that candidate interested in making a move at this time - So you can quickly go through and be able to understand those that are most motivated and those that you find would be the best match for you to reach out to first. And then the Not Interested candidates; anything that we're finding in the marketplace we want to be able to capture for you so that you can really be able to make a more informed hiring decision based on data. If those that are happy in their current position - understanding what's keeping them there. Those that are not interested in the job description - understanding if there is anything within your role that's just not attractive to the candidate pool. The location, and of course the compensation. All of these, again, we're using in our strategy and our team also wants to make sure that they're being competitive with what the market is saying. The next update that I wanted to share with you is inside Resflex within the candidate list. We have a couple of efficiencies that we've added for your team to be able to go through the list quickly and make updates. The first here is with the Hiring Step - being able to go down the list and update the hiring step to quickly be able to share where those candidates are in process. You can go ahead and click the down arrow, and update them right from the home screen here. Furthermore, if you'd like to understand who is all interviewing right now, you can sort based on this bar here to be able to see all those that are in the Phone Interview Phase. And you can also sort based on the candidate rating, to be able to pull up all the Green Candidates and understand which candidates you might want to focus your efforts on first. We also have made a really intuitive bar to be able to see all the pertinent information about a candidate right here on the home page as well - being able to understand what's motivating a candidate to make a move, where they are in the hiring process, and what their availability is. So again, really looking to drive those efficiencies. And the last update that we have made is inside the candidate profile. If you click on the candidate profile, one of the things that we want to drive efficiencies for is when is the best time and number for these candidates to be reached at. Instead of digging into the Pre-screen for that, we've made it real easy for our clients right up at the top, being able to understand what is the best time - this one in the afternoon - and phone and email for those candidates to be able to reach out. So your recruiters can quickly identify when the best time is for them to be able to connect. As you can see, we put a lot of different things into Resflex to make it more efficient for you and to really be able to capitalize on all the data that we're finding for our clients. We hope that you'll find these changes to be useful as you help to be able to drive efficiencies for your team. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or your Client Manager - we'd be happy to walk through any of these changes so that you can best maximize it when you're using Velocity! Thank you so much for your time!

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