Crystal Vilkaitis - Reels Means Deals

April 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Crystal Vilkaitis, Crystal Media

Crystal Vilkaitis: Hello, my name is Crystal Vilkaitis. I'm the owner of Crystal Media and we help independent retailers shine online and build confidence in themselves and in their marketing, so they know that their social media and marketing efforts are driving real results like traffic and sales.

What will you be speaking about at the ALA Conference?

Crystal Vilkaitis: My second session is "Reels Means Deals." This is all about short form video content like Instagram reels, Facebook reels, Tik Toks. Short form video content is the name of the game in social media. And if you are not leveraging this type of content you are missing out. So I'm going to talk about all the types of content that work really well for lighting showrooms for this industry, how to jump in, how to see real results, how often you should be posting how to really build that engagement and connect with your perfect customers. I am so excited for these sessions and I hope to see you there.

What ideas will we be able to take back with us, and put into practice?

Crystal Vilkaitis: In "Reels Means Deals," we'll be talking about the content and that works really well on these platforms, how to really leverage them to connect and find your perfect customers. What kinds of captions and hashtags you should be using how to create strong hooks and how to be consistent with your content. Plus specific content examples that work well for this industry.

Reels Means Deals

Crystal Vilkaitis: I'm going, are you?

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