Phoebe's Client reviews

November 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Daniel , UX designer and Flutterflow developer

Could you describe your recent experience working with Phoebe?

Daniel : So uh Phoebe is very knowledgeable about new app development, uh especially with lot of flow and we've collaborated on a few projects together. I think about three projects. And, you know, one thing that stands out about her is our speed and productivity. I think the last project we worked on together was a beating up love spark. And uh normally the, the time frame that I was supposed to walk on, it was like, I guess uh 33 days for just a few screens on front development and she was able to complete it sooner. So uh she's a really good developer and, you know, I, I've had a good experience working with her so far and uh I can say, yeah, she's good at what she does.

Describe Phoebe's Frontend development skills in three words

Daniel : Well, I'll say clean structured and detailed. Yeah, those three areas, uh, working with Phoebe in the past, I'd say that's primarily where fronted development skills shines.

What makes her stand out in her niche, and would you like to work with her again?

Daniel : Well, like I already said, she produces detailed designs. So um she goes above and beyond, let's put it that way. Um So if something is to be done, right? Uh she, she's a creative designer, so she actually puts in her own creativity where needed and where necessary. So I'd say that's generally what stands out for me when working with Phoebe as regards Noron in development and uh flow to flow in particular because that's primary where we collaborate most of the time. And as for, if I'd like to collaborate with you again in the future, that's capital, ye si would definitely love to do that because, you know, um I had no issues working her in the past and I would love to work with her again. Yeah, that's generated.

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