Metrolina Builders share their experience with Document Manager and Job View!

March 10, 2022

Document Manager and Job View are add on solutions that offers significant value to contractors using the TCM software applications.

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Nielson, VP of Finance, Metrolina Builders, Inc.

Please share how your team is using TCM Document Manager and JobView in your company?

David Nielson: Hello. Our team uses both Document Manager and Job View. We use Document Manager, obviously for approving and routing of pay applications and invoices, which cuts down on the paper shuffling between the accounting group and the project management group, which is very much of a time saver and organizer for both groups. We also use Job View, which gives our project managers real time access to their job costs whenever they want to see it. Both of these have been a game changer for us cuts down on the interaction and the response time from project management and accounting.

Share the benefits provided to you or your organization from using Document Manager and JobView?

David Nielson: The benefits we've received from Document Manager are many. First and foremost, it helps us route and get approval of applications and invoices quicker. The Project Management Group can see the actual documents that they're looking at without finance, giving up the hard copies and potentially getting those lost in the shuffle, which happens in every organization. The benefits of Job View is real time data. Project Management can look at their job costs at any point at any time without waiting for finance to pull reports.

What would you say to other TCM customers that may be considering Document Manager and JobView?

David Nielson: For folks that are considering either Document Manager or Job View, I would stop trying to decide right now and just pull the trigger and make the decision. Both of them are very good tools, very user friendly and provide great information to all users at all times.

Anything else you would like to share about the Sunrise Team or your use of Document Manager and JobView?

David Nielson: The Sunrise Team is the best of the best. When I started here, they spent numerous hours with me getting me up to speed on the software, the benefits, how to use it, what it can do for me, as well as pointing out a few of the flaws that there are. There's not many great job costing system for the construction industry Document Manager and Job View are Seamless bolt on applications. to TCM. No problem in the communication between the applications, so I would highly recommend both Sunrise Document Manager and Job View without qualification.

Find out more about Document Manager and JobView at: https://contech360.com/sunrise/

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