Larry Lauck - Member Engagement

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Larry Lauck: Is there a word or a theme that you feel kind of drives where you would like ALA to go? There's not just one thing but things I've seen over the years that we can build upon as - first of all - as more membership engagement, better understand what our members want and need from us, ALA, and what we can deliver. And that's not just sending out an email every once in a while and wondering if the same people who respond will respond. I want to see continuous improvement, internally, continuous improvement how ALA is helping our members, whether it's manufacturers, representatives, showroom or a manufacturer. We really need to do a better job communicating with our members. And that gets into retention, understand when our members, what they're expecting from us, keep the members we work very closely with, keep them close and then bring in new members to become more involved in the organization and get down on the floor with them and understand their challenges coming into this year.


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