Larry Lauck - Marketing Content for Showrooms

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Larry Lauck: A showroom could think of us as maybe their ad agency as well. So we're going to create stories they can place on their blog. We're going to, as you mentioned the short videos they can put on their social media and run with little tips about how to light up your home, how to line up different rooms. How to romanticize your home with dimming controls throughout, landscape lighting, kitchen lighting, the importance of layering of lighting throughout the house and all of these things that we can just push that out to the showroom and they can put it on their website, they can use it in their social media. So that consumer you have to generate excitement for that consumer. And then you have to sell yourself as being the expert in your marketplace. And these elements that we are creating will do that. And then when they walk into the store, you're simply closing the sale and helping them through a consultative selling process to beautify their home.


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