Edrius Stagg Modern Law Practice Student Testimonial

February 01, 2023

modern law practice from lawhub at lsac

Video Transcript

Speaker: Edrius Stagg, Law Student

What prompted you to enroll in the Modern Law Practice program?

Edrius Stagg: The reason I decided to take the Modern Law Practice course was in order that I can improve my marketability. Some of my classmates had already started taking the Modern Law Practice courses, and because of the things that they were learning during those courses, they started to receive offers from big law firms where they were already working on major projects with these law firms. And so I thought that if I wanted to stay in the game, I better see what was going on in this course.

How have the knowledge, skills & abilities you learned in this program benefited you?

Edrius Stagg: The knowledge skills and abilities that I have received as a result of taking the modern law practice course has been confidence. Yeah, it has given me the confidence that's necessary in order to be able to walk into any room to go to any law firm and to be able to practice confidently. I am a first generation law student and as a first generation law student, it's often difficult to traverse these areas, which you have no knowledge are no common base to pull from. And so by taking the Modern Law Practice course, what it has afforded me was the confidence to be able to walk into the room with my head held high and to know that I have the knowledge set, I have the skill base needed in order to perform effectively at my law firm.

What is the #1 thing that you want to tell others who are considering enrolling in the MLP Certification?

Edrius Stagg: If I can tell someone who is considering whether or not they need the Modern Law Practice Certification, something it would be invest, invest in yourself. Take the 10 hours that it takes in order to complete this course and see that that investment was worth it. Because what those 10 hours would do for you is change your life. It could possibly change your trajectory your earning potential. So I would tell you to invest in yourself, take the course seriously and use it as a stepping tool into wealth.

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