Lianne Sipsma for Vocal Video Customer Stories

July 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Lianne Sipsma: At Kaya, we make use of Vocal Videos for a number of purposes. For example, we use it for client testimonials, your traditional type feedback from our clients. We've also elected to make use of those in a new form where we get our clients to complete a Vocal Video collector by means of an evaluation, whether it's of a program that we've hosted or coaching that we've done. We've also used Vocal Video as an important way to capture some of our thought leadership and share that with our customers and prospective customers.

Lianne Sipsma: We've been able to use Vocal Video extensively for the capturing of our thought leadership and, again, what a powerful way for us to take what had originally been the thought leadership that captured in your typical formats, such as blogs, and instead, allow us to bring that thought leadership to life where we are as subject matter experts able to share our thinking and anecdotes in a far more engaging format. That is video.

Lianne Sipsma: I've always attached great value in being able to engage with people directly in a bit to understand their thinking. Vocal Video affords us as an organization, an opportunity to tell our story, really, put ourselves out there and explain what our thinking is, how we approach problem solving as a business, how we make a difference and add value in the lives of our clients. I've seen the impact internally, where we've used it for the purposes of onboarding, and I'm looking forward to seeing how we will benefit from sharing client testimonials and thought leadership with our clients.

Lianne Sipsma: Vocal video is the answer to all of my dreams as a small business owner. I've always wanted to be able to use video, which is such a powerful tool, but never had the means to. It's typically been fairly expensive and quite specialized and sometimes out of reach for us. This has afforded me an opportunity to seamlessly and in extremely easy format capture video footage. I love the fact that it is professional and simple and able to then be shared widely amongst my clients and internal organization.

Lianne Sipsma: I would highly recommend vocal video and for many reasons, but amongst which just the ease of use for the users, so people who haven't before produced videos are now through a simple, facilitated process, step-by-step, able to not only engage with the external audience - clients, for example, but also to be able to collect this and produce within a fairly short amount of time and effort, a very professional end product.

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