My First 30 Days as a member of Stop. Dieting. Forever. - Angie W.

October 10, 2022

A new member of Stop. Dieting. Forever. shares her weight loss experience after the first 30 days.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Angie Weiss , Nurse Practitioner

How does it feel to complete the first phase (LEARN) of the Stop. Dieting. Forever. process?

Angie Weiss : How do I feel now that I have finished the learned portion of the stop dieting forever. Training excited for the next steps for the lose steps and then live and you know, it's just I look forward to listening to Jennifer's um podcasts and trainings and being a part of the live coaching calls, reading the articles, looking up the things that she recommended for us. It's just all of it was exciting to me, is exciting to me and it's been a very fast journey for me to finish it in less than 30 days and I am excited to apply all of those principles already have been and it's, it's been really good. It's been really good. It's something that I would definitely share with others, I have shared with others and will continue to do so. The concepts are amazing and they are life changing already for me.

Could you share a few details about the challenge you solved by going through LEARN?

Angie Weiss : one of the problems that I've solved by stop dieting forever. Things that I've learned so far are that I don't have to be so judgmental and so hard on myself about my food choices and I don't have to turn to food, you know, to comfort me because at the end of the day after I've eaten those foods that I thought were comfort to me, they've only made me feel worse about myself, bloated, sluggish, tired, defeated, like a failure. And so now I look at the foods differently there just for nourishment, there's no good food or no bad food. It just is about how you use it and am I using it for the right purpose is if I'm using it for the right purpose is to fuel my body and I'm only eating until I'm satisfied rather than thanksgiving full, then then I'm doing the right thing and for me before I was so ashamed of my eating habits, ashamed of how I would choose to eat. Um you know, I remember times in my life that I would just eat in silence alone and found the most enjoyment from that because I might have been um anxious about something. I haven't done that in a long time, but but I do think back to how I wish I had known this process. I wish I would have known um just this way of thinking about food, it's about the relationship, it's, you know, it's kind of like that with everything, It's about the relationship with people with things, how you see it, how you view it, and once you have a good relationship, it's not going to hurt you. And I think the way food hurt me is one I felt bloated. I felt sluggish. I felt tired for eating too much of the wrong things and not listening to my body about, hey, you know, um, this food makes you feel good, you should eat more of this and this food makes you feel bad, don't eat that. And so now all of a sudden listening to my body has solved the problem of what I need to eat and when I need to eat and instead of, oh, it's 7:00 AM or it's noon or it's five, it's time to eat or there are people around, let me get food out. I'm not thinking that way anymore. And those are some major problems that I needed solved. And because of that, I am becoming very successful.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining Stop. Dieting. Forever.?

Angie Weiss : the advice I would give for someone who wants to to try stop dieting forever is do it, do it. You know, we we live in such a conditioned world that we have to count our carbs or we have to count our calories or we have to, you know, eat according to a certain schedule. All of a sudden, I'm not doing any of those things and you know what's really crazy about that is I've been more successful in the last month, less than a month on this program where I've stopped dieting, where I'm learning how to stop thinking like a dieter than I ever have on any other kind of program where they told me to eat this or that, or don't eat this and don't eat that and eat at this time and eat five times a day or eat you know, two times a day or don't eat at all. All of these things, drink these shakes all of the sudden as I'm learning how to have a relationship with food, That's a good relationship. None of those things are mattering because I am intentionally stopping when I'm not hungry anymore eating when I am hungry. And so it's just a byproduct to eat less, it's just a byproduct to want to choose the things that make my body feel good. So if you are interested in this, I'm gonna tell you this will change your life and it's not just gonna help you lose weight. The principles that jennifer teaches are going to flow over into every aspect of your life and all of your relationships and you're going to start thinking very differently and making your choices differently. So don't hesitate. I wish I would have done this six months ago. I wish I would have met her years ago. Um, this is probably the best choice I've ever made for my life.

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