Kellee Hollenback Hammond - I'm going! Are you?

January 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Kellee Hollenback Hammond: My name is Kellee Hollenback Hammond and I'm the Vice President of Sales at Varaluz.

Why do you go to the American Lighting Association Conference?

Kellee Hollenback Hammond: I come to conference for the amazing nuggets of information that I am able to take out of all of the different educational opportunities so that I can come back and share them with my team, whether it's my office team, my customer service team or even my sales agents so that we can all learn something new and come up with a best practice that will make us more successful in our daily lives.

Tell a story from a previous conference.

Kellee Hollenback Hammond: I always try to take a little time out of my day to do something physical and my friend Laura van Zeyl and I like to go for a run.

Kellee Hollenback Hammond: And we actually had one of the best, most honest conversations about things that we both wanted to think about for the industry, Ways that we could make an impact on the industry. And at the end of that conversation was really the launching pad for the women in lighting committee.

Lake Tahoe

September 10-12

Kellee Hollenback Hammond: I'm going to conference. Are you?

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