Johnson's Roofing talks about their experience with Document Manager and JobView

March 10, 2022

TCM Document Manager and Job View are add on solutions for the TCM Job Cost Accounting Software.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Beverly Sweeney, Contract Administrator, Johnson's Roofing Service, Inc.

Please share how your team is using Document Manager?

Beverly Sweeney: Hi, I'm Beverly Sweeney. I work for Johnson's Roofing Service here in Fort Mill. We use Document Manager for processing our payables, as well as invoices, searches and completed project warranties. It's a great system to use and it's something we use just about every day.

How would you describe the benefits provided to you or your organization from using Document Manager?

Beverly Sweeney: Document Manager offers us a safe and consolidated place to save and view warranties for our customers, as well as invoice retrieval. Another major benefit is the in flow Manager approval process for billing and then cutting the checks.

What would you say to other TCM customers that may be considering Document Manager?

Beverly Sweeney: I highly recommend Document Manager. It is a very easy system and the support team behind it, is second to none.

What else would you like to share about the Sunrise team or your use of Document Manager?

Beverly Sweeney: The Sunrise Team is very professional as well as personable. They will come on site or remote in any time they are needed. Our representative Karen is very knowledgeable and always fast to assist with any questions we may have.

To find our more about Document Manager and JobView, see the link below: https://contech360.com/sunrise/

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