Johnson's Roofing shares their experience with Document Manager and JobView

March 10, 2022

Hear how Johnson's Roofing using TCM Document Manager and TCM JobView as add on solutions for TCM, one of the leading Construction Management Solutions for the Construction Industry.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Crystal Jackson, Accounting Manager, Johnson's Roofing Service, Inc

Please share how your team is using Document Manager and JobView?

Crystal Jackson: Johnson's roofing services uses Document Manager to handle all of our payables and our document filing. We also use Job View for our Project Managers to easily access our projects and their associated job costs. It allows the PMs, the capability to view the invoices that have been entered in Document Manager and see the variances associated with those invoices and to make sure their job costs are on target.

How would you describe the benefits provided to you or your organization from using Document Manager and JobView?

Crystal Jackson: The benefit of using both programs is the ease of accessing the information needed for both job cost and invoicing when the Project Managers need to view the information quickly, they have both resources available at once.

What would you say to other TCM customers that may be considering Document Manager and JobView?

Crystal Jackson: Reflecting on our process before we began using Document Manager and Job View, we had to enter the data into TCM and then follow up with putting the invoicing in the filing cabinet. Now, with the use of both programs, they make our job much easier. Our team has the access right at our fingertips. If you're considering using these two programs, I would highly recommend it so that all your information is in one system.

What else would you like to share about the Sunrise team or your use of Document Manager and JobView?

Crystal Jackson: Johnson's Roofing Service has been a long time user of TCM and we're very pleased with the stability of the entire accounting system. And now with the addition of Document Manager and JobView, we are even more satisfied. The Sunrise Software team, Joyce and Karen, they're very knowledgeable, always helpful. They're easily to get in touch with and resolve any issues that we may have.

To find out more information about TCM Document Manager & Job View, use this link: https://contech360.com/sunrise

TCM Document Manager and TCM JobView are add on solutions for TCM, a leading construction accounting program.

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