Larry Lauck - Granular Communication

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Larry Lauck: That's another thing we want to do. As far as developing our databases more, identify the members who are responsible and say a manufacturer, we're reaching out with a precise message that that appeals to them and they can take some of the tools that we create for that member and run with it without even being on a committee. So communication, better, becoming a little more granular in our communication message to be more precise. So if there are engineers at a company who might be interested in the engineering messages. And if there are marketing people who might be interested in the marketing messages, they should let us know who those people are. So we can tailor the messages. Exactly. I mean, you can just open up your own email box and every day and you see the messages that you get from say whether it's a retail store or hobby or organization, you volunteer in - very precise and usually open those and so if you're someone in engineering, you're going to be interested in what Terry and the Technical Committee and Engineering Committee has to say and not as interested in the other things. So that's where we have to do a better job in deciphering our database instead of just dropping in the name really pay attention to what that individual does.


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