Ian Amit for Scrut Automation - Video Testimonial

June 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ian Amit, CEO, Gomboc AI

What challenges did Scrut Automation solve for you?

Ian Amit: For us, the Scrut solution really tackled that, problem of being able to centrally and easily handle our compliance requirements. We're targeting IS0 27001 as well as SOC 2 Type 2 compliance and certification. And by using the Scrut solution, we're able to achieve that quickly seamlessly and with the great support from the Scrut Team while addressing all of the policy and regulation requirements.

What has been the main impact of using Scrut Automation?

Ian Amit: For us, the main impact of using Scrut was really to get a centralized dashboard that integrates to all of our IT environment as well as provides a view of all the policies and all the procedures that we had in place that allowed us to get a very clear picture of where we are on our journey to achieve the certification and really be focused on the areas that we need to catch up on and make sure that they're, being addressed on time and without any misinformation or knowledge gaps as far as what comes next and what needs to be done. And it has really allowed us to establish a good baseline for the future to maintain that standard.

What's the best thing about Scrut Automation that makes it unique?

Ian Amit: The main area that, that makes Scrut unique to us. It was actually a combination of a couple of things. First and foremost, it's kind of the cost effectiveness. It's knowing that we're not, we don't have to invest too much money in a solution that's designed to provide monitoring and kind of run us through the compliance requirements. and the second part was actually the team support that we got and working with highly knowledgeable team members that have done this, you know, dozens and if not hundreds of times before and are happy to share their experience and insights to more easily guide us through the specific areas that we wanted to work on as a company and establish a sustainable security policy practices and general practices in our operation.

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