Davin Radcliff, SILC Member Intro

February 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Davin Radcliff, Ohio SILC Member

Davin Radcliff: Hi, my name is Davin Radcliff I am currently an Ohio Statewide Independent Council Member I've been a council member since 2018. I'm currently in my second term as a member. I first began with the disability community really in 2011 when I was a youth leadership forum delegate here in Columbus, which led me to come back as a staff member because it was such a tremendous experience. And then eventually it led to me giving multiple disability advocacy speeches at numerous Youth Leadership Forum councils. And it also led me to give some speeches about disability advocacy in my hometown of Ironton, Ohio at the college that I went to where I got my communications bachelors.

What does Independent Living mean to you?

Davin Radcliff: What does independent living mean to me? Well, as a person that became disabled at the young age of 10 due to a brain tumor, I've strived towards independence my entire life. To me, independence means a sense of freedom, which really helps our overall well being. So. To me, independent living should be a fundamental human right.

Why should people be involved in the SILC?

Davin Radcliff: Why should people be involved in the Statewide Independent Living Council? Because for me, this has really been a positive, life changing experience that I'll be forever grateful for. I feel like being involved in this council has really opened my eyes up so much, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity of being able to have a positive impact in the disability community, and I really feel that someone else can have the exact same experiences with this council.

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