The Dharma of Money Experience: Diana D'Herrera

January 26, 2024

In this short video, Diana D'Herrera tells us about her experience in The Dharma of Money program, and her primary motivations for taking part.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Diana D'Herrera

Please introduce yourself and share what you do for a living

Diana D'Herrera: Hello there. I'm Diana D'Herrera and I'm from Mexico City. I used to work as a product manager in a support company. However, recently I leave my job to dedicate my time to meditate and discover what brings me joy in life.

What specific challenge or need prompted you to enroll in the Dharma of Money workshop?

Diana D'Herrera: What made me enroll in the Dharma of Money was noticing that I had a lot of ideas around money that weren't helping me so much, especially ideas around money not being enough for my personal work, productivity, or even safety. I grew up with a lot of fear of how money is difficult to manage or that it doesn't come easy. So I wanted to try other forms to deal with it.

How did the workshop help you reframe or move beyond this challenge?

Diana D'Herrera: This workshop helped me understand that those condition beliefs that I grew up are not what I should be focused on, but the way that I am relating to them, I understand now that paying attention to what is being believed, reframing those assumptions and envisioning my goals to make space for opportunities, make me arrive to a more useful and more equanimous place to keep moving steadily to in the direction that I want to go. And it is not that I will not have or will never have those thoughts again or those fears. But how am I relating and how am I dealing with them instead of being paralyzed by them is really important now. And it's a big difference.

Would you recommend the Dharma of Money workshop to others, and if so, why?

Diana D'Herrera: I would strongly recommend this workshop. not only as a first step but as a deepening exercise, even if you are more advanced in your journey around money. But I think it's, it's really important to question our worldview around money and how we relate to it and how we relate with others. So I think there is so much that we could benefit from seeing our condition, beliefs and giving them a space and trying to deal with them in a more useful way. So I definitely recommend this workshop for it to be the space that you could talk about it with more ease and have a a really great community around you that will support you.

What was your deciding factor in signing up for the workshop?

Diana D'Herrera: What really brought me to signing to the workshop was a deep curiosity about, about these teachings or how the Dharma could be involved around the topic of money. I hadn't encountered any workshops that blended these two things. And as a practitioner of the Dharma, I was really, yeah, really curious and really inspired by someone making these materials. So I don't think it's easy to blend how to feel at ease around money and talking about the Buddha's teachings. So it was incredible to see them together and how the Dharma can permeate every area of our life. And sometimes we think that money is not one of them or could not be one of these areas that can be impacted. So having that image shattered and seeing how the Dharma can be there was really incredible. So I really suggest you give it a try too.

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