Building an Effective Multi-Generational Workplace

February 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jeffrey Butler, JButler International

Jeffrey Butler: Hey there, my name is Jeff Butler and I'm very excited to be speaking at the 2023 American Lighting Association conference in Lake Tahoe California.

Building an Effective Multi-Generational Workplace

Jeffrey Butler: Building an effective multigenerational workplace is essentially when you have a large variance of age in the working environment, how do you actually take those differences and turn those into advantages through various means of alignment, communication and effective culture, building.

What ideas will attendees be able to take back with them, and put into practice?

Jeffrey Butler: Essentially, it's looking at various techniques, tactics in order to turn differences in age into advantages. You can expect things such as different managerial techniques of working with different age groups, to how as an individual leader build a culture that fosters strong retention and communication techniques in order to bring out the best of people so they volunteer their ideas, leveraging their unique perspectives.

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