Exhibiting Artist Interview Teresa Jarzynski Rockville MD August 2023

August 20, 2023

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Video Transcript

Speakers: Teresa Jarzynski, Oil Painter

Artists & Makers Studios

11810 Parklawn Dr Suite 210, Rockville, MD 20852

What was the theme of your exhibit(s) at A&M?

Teresa Jarzynski: Hi. I had three different exhibits at Artists & Makers so far. My first one was in 2016 and it was actually my first solo exhibit ever, so I was so excited, beyond the moon, over the moon. And the theme was landscapes in particular clouds and it was a wonderful time. I had a great time painting it. I thought the show was a really big success. The paintings were kind of imaginary. It was called the Landscape of My Imagination. And I would find images of landscapes and then incorporate my interpretation and every painting included some sort of cloud element. So that was a good time, so much fun. And then in 2019, I did a show called Be Still My Life and it focused on still life paintings or moments of stillness, like looking out windows, that sort of theme and that was super fun. That was in the big gallery. And I got real scared that I wouldn't be able to fill it, but I ended up doing OK. And in the center of the space I set up in bits and pieces of my various lifes. So I got to do some sculpturing too. I thought that was a lot of fun and that was a great time. And, and that was December 2019, so, right before COVID hit. So, and then lastly, just last year in 2022, I had a show called Strange And Beautiful. And it was just a variety of different people and places that, you know, maybe something was a little quirky, a little off, and flowers, a lot of flowers because that's beautiful. So, that was that was a wonderful show. That was maybe the most challenging one for me. but I thought it was a great time. And that's it. I was, that, that, those are my three shows at A&M.

What is your favorite part of exhibiting at A&M?

Teresa Jarzynski: I think my favorite part about exhibiting at A&M is perhaps it's the relationship I've established with Judith. Judith Olivia HeartSong. But we get along wonderfully and I feel like Judith really believes in my work. And with that said, she's just fully on board and supportive. And I get to design, I curate or figure out the show on my own. And I get to open the doors when I need to, for people to come and see. I am allowed to just you know just go hog wild with my marketing. And I just feel like it's an open door policy like for the time that I'm showing there for that month. That is my space to work with and work however I want to and I've always had a wonderful time. there, very successful. The small gallery is beautiful because you, when you just open the door, you see just enough of it that it just jumps out at you. And the lighting in there is gorgeous and the great thing is right outside before you walk in, it's a picnic table so you can wine and dine. People buy some egg rolls from the restaurant right up the hill, walking distance and you know, invite people have a snack, look at your work, that type of thing. So I feel very fortunate in that way, and that's my favorite part about showing at A&M.

Can you tell us more about your work?

Teresa Jarzynski: When I first started out late in the game, in my forties, I was drawn to quilting onto canvases. I couldn't contain myself when I finally made my way to painting and working on a canvas through a variety of extra adult education, you know, classes, all artsy, creative ones. But when I made my way to painting on the canvas, I just wanted to quilt. So I made big huge abstract pieces with beads and fabric and acrylic paint and thread and whatnot. And then I decided to matriculate full time into school. And I became intrigued by representational because I was never a great drawer. I still don't draw that well, great drawer. But I am fascinated by representational. So I have been over a decade now since I finished school and in, in my own studio practice that has been representational. I love to do faces and portraits like you see behind me now. However, I recently got back to the abstract and I'm excited because I know now that I'm back. I have to be in it as much as anything else. So I've got both elements going now and I'm excited to see where that takes me. That's where I am at the moment. So you're gonna see some more abstract, but you're gonna continue to see these too.

Teresa Jarzynski


Artists & Makers Studios

11810 Parklawn Dr Suite 210, Rockville, MD 20852

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