Anita Albertson A&M Artist Interview September 2023

September 17, 2023

Artists & Makers Studios is an art center complex in Rockville, MD. Hosting resident artists and exhibitors - we offer studios for rent, workshop space, and galleries.

Video Transcript

Artists & Makers Studios

11810 Parklawn Dr Suite 210, Rockville, MD 20852

What themes are common in your work?

The themes that I use in my art tend to be about making order out of chaos. So works about understanding matter what matters, who matters. How do we interact with each other? How do we, how do we bring out the best or sometimes we bring out the worst in each other? Looking at textures and color and relationships, that's the theme or the themes that I focus most on. It could be with texture and threads, it could be with trying to understand shadows, but understanding relationships with people, with things with our world.

What other medium or mediums would you like to try?

The medium that I'd like to do more with is mosaic and collage and beading. I love seeing how things interact with each other, how you can create things from nothing. And they can be playful, they can be. This one is it's all fun and games until the earth is covered in plastic, which is a doll who's leaning like Atlas. But I want to learn more about how to use the various techniques to enhance the telling a story, exploring an option.

How has your work evolved over the years?

Anita Albertson: My work is constantly evolving. I'm looking and seeing things differently. So here's a hand where I've used thread to kind of look at the lifelines. What is versus what could be. How you create the image of one thing versus another. Layers have changed. My understanding has changed. I've grown and being willing to explore. And one of the things I love about being at Artists & Makers is that we have many artists who bump up against each other and we grow from our interaction with each other. I might try a technique that a fellow artist has perfected and it informs my work.

Anita Albertson


Artists & Makers Studios

11810 Parklawn Dr Suite 210, Rockville, MD 20852

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