Cynthia Hester for Global Customer Programs - Internal All Hands Meeting

January 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cynthia Hester, Director Global Customer Programs

What is the Customer Programs Plan for 2023?

Cynthia Hester: Happy New Year. Everyone, I'm Cynthia Hester, director of global customer programs and I'm here today to talk about our 2023 plan and priorities and how we're going to measure success at the heart of everything that we do as customers are customer champions. And our first priority is to identify customer champions by persona, by product expertise, by industry, use case to support our go to market our go to market activities and support sales opportunities by engaging with customer champions and understanding their stories of success and the value that they are delivering to their organizations, their customers, their employees, their partners and their communities. We are better able to tell our story through their voice through a show, not Tell model, which leads me into our second priority, which is all around storytelling and amplification in support of our lift mindshare OKR this year our job here is to give our customers the opportunity to share their stories of success and help us demonstrate our value to the market, whether that's through analyst engagement through pr through sales, talking to other, through sales activities where they're talking to other customers or through our marketing events like Next in summits. Amplification at the right time, through the right channels and to the right audiences is how we're going to help support the lift minds are OKR. and we're already in conversations with folks like Natalie and the Mikes team with Christy Berg and her exective marketing team and the campaigns team about how we do that better and make sure we actually have the right content at the right time and amplified through the right channels. Our third priority is all around operational efficiency and I'm very excited about the fact that we will have our new reference database platform in Q two. We've been working with the team and sales enablement to create a platform inside factor that will give us a system of record. We've been doing a lot of this work manually and in silos and we will now have a way to do it inside vector which pulls a lot of different silos together so that we have a unified system of record and make it much easier for us to get to the people in the content and the stories that we're looking for and help you all actually work more efficiently and be able to move faster in terms of identifying the right content and the right people. Next up is DEI and our rising star program. I'm very happy and proud that brian and Sarah supporting this initiative around helping and partnering with our customers to bring together a more diverse group of champions. There are other people around the organization like Kelsey Hightower who are also interested in this. And we're going to be working with Kelsey and others to really make this a program and really make a difference in terms of how diversified our community of champions is. Next up is collaboration, advocacy is a team effort and we need all of you throughout marketing as well as our sale, stakeholders, our CCE stakeholders, the regions to really deliver on a good customer experience. And it's through this work that we're doing that we are going to really make all this happen last and certainly not least is our measurement, how we're going to measure success. We have a list of KRs that we'll share with you later, but I'm just gonna go through our top 4, one at the top of the talk I mentioned identifying that new champions. So we're gonna be tracking those numbers across region industry product and solution. Second is around rising star and really identifying what is the right metrics to track. But certainly looking at the diversity of our Champion community. Next step will be how we're supporting sales and helping them support their deals and we're working with the Central Ops team on how we actually are able to make this happen. We do provide peer to peer referencing today and we do one too many, but we really want to keep and continue a way to easily track that. Next step is content, how it performs, How useful is it to sales, what formats they really prefer, what's working well and resonating with customers. So those are our top KRs. And like I said, there's a whole list we can share with you later. That is it for now. I want to wish Happy New Year to everyone and I look forward to talking to everyone and working with you when I get back. Thanks.

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