Vocal Video Thumbnails

All Vocal Video customers can upload custom thumbnails for their videos, or build their own with our Thumbnail Builder.  You’ll find the Thumbnail Builder in the Vocal Video Editor for each of your draft videos.

To get started customizing your thumbnails, just click on the Thumbnail icon.

And click Select a Video Frame to build your new thumbnail in Vocal Video or Upload a Custom Image to add a thumbnail you've created outside Vocal Video.

Select a Video Frame will take you to 10 suggested frames from each clip that you can choose from.

Then you can choose Headline, Card or None and customize the text that will appear in your thumbnail. All of your edits will show up in the preview to the left in real time.

Once you publish your video, you’re ready to embed or download it to and share with your new thumbnail featured prominently. Vocal Video offers ad-free hosting and embedding to all customers. (Read more on why it’s important to stop letting Youtube steal your website visitors here.)

Here are a few examples of how our customers Comscore, Ada, & Martha Stoumen Wines are embedding their videos on their websites and blogs.

Screenshot of Ada CX
alt text here

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