Joyce Fisher

January 25, 2023

Joyce talks about the benefits of stitching and why she joined the Sashiko Stitch Club.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Joyce Fisher

Joyce Fisher: The next word is renewed. I've been renewed in my realization of the power of slow stitching and because of the encouragement of doing it once a month, I'm reminded of it every month.

What inspired you to join the Sashiko Stitch Club?

Joyce Fisher: I was inspired to join the Sashiko stitch club when I met Kate.

Joyce Fisher: So she was demonstrating her Sashiko, which intrigued me. I had been doing Sashiko for a few years, but not seriously, I didn't really know a lot about it and I certainly didn't know the correct way to do it. I just had fun stitching it.

Joyce Fisher: So I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't stick to the 12 months, but it was such a cheap price to do such a fantastic learning program that I decided to give it a go.

Why do you like to stitch?

Joyce Fisher: Several years ago, I learned the value of slow stitching. It's sitting quietly enjoying the slow and relaxing pastime of using a needle and thread with beautiful material to make marks with threads, a mindful and meditative experience to quiet my mind and my world.

What was one unexpected benefit you experienced from joining?

Joyce Fisher: one of the unexpected benefits of joining the club with the zoom meetings once a month. So after we'd had our pattern and we had time hopefully to work on it, we'd get together in a zoom meeting and we could talk to Kate about any problems that we may have had to complete the pattern and she'd share her tips and ideas based on what we were saying, we did show and tell. And if we had actually done anything to show and everybody would ooh and aah at the things that we've done. We shared on lots of things, meeting with people all over the world and enjoying the things that they knew and had learned.

What have you been able to achieve since joining?

Joyce Fisher: I think the thing that I've achieved the most in doing this Club is the precision I've learned in sewing. Instead of just doing my mark making with thread, I've learned how to be precise with the pattern, to be precise with setting the pattern out on a grid and precise with the way the stitches go down. And I can truly appreciate the beauty of looking at a finished pattern when I have done it with a great deal more of more care than what I have in the past. So that's probably my greatest achievement.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with Zen Stitching, what would it be and why?

Joyce Fisher: Accomplished. I feel that I can accomplish a piece of art and be really proud of it. And I accomplished doing 12 months.

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