Wrike • December 13, 2019

Allison Stefaniuk for Customer Stories for Wrike Spaces

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Video Transcript

Speakers: Allison Stefaniuk, Director, Enterprise Transformation & Integration, Press Ganey Associates, INC

Would you recommend other organizations to use Spaces?

Allison Stefaniuk: I would definitely recommend other organizations use Spaces. It allows us to effectively organize, search for and keep all of our projects together in a nice, clean fashion.

How has Spaces helped you and your team manage work in Wrike?

: Our team has used Spaces to organize by department. Each department has their own Space, but we also have created Spaces for specific large internal initiatives in project, so we can easily navigate and maintain those projects.

What is the best thing about Spaces?

: I love the organization factor with Spaces. It's also fun, and the teams enjoy picking their own specific emoji that relates to their department.

Please describe your favorite thing about Wrike.

: My favorite thing about Wrike is being able to create standards with blueprints. This has allowed us to continue to iterate and make changes throughout our processes. With each project, we don't have to reinvent the wheel. We already have a standard blueprint in place, and we spend a lot less time worrying about what the project is going to be when we could just use those standards.

What has Wrike enabled you (and your team) to do?

: Wrike has enabled us to take collaboration and organization of our work to the next level. Our transparency and accountability has greatly increased. Our teams love being able to connect and to talk to each other directly in the task. We've identified how to make the best of our dashboards and our reporting, and we use Wrike to track very, very large platform migrations and program management throughout our company. It's been fantastic!

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