Why Our Interns Chose Wonolo

January 11, 2022

University/Co-op Recruiting for Wonolo Interns

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ruth Chew, Director of Product and Analytics. Gobishan Vijikaran, Software Developer Intern | Fall 2020, Summer 2021 | University of Waterloo. Charmaine Ho, Backend Developer Intern | Summer 2021 and Winter 2022 | University of Waterloo. Mohammed Sahl, Android Developer Intern | Fall 2021 | University of Waterloo. Kat Butler, Mobile Engineering Manager. Mariak Achuoth, iOS Developer Intern | Fall 2021 | University of Waterloo

Why Our Interns Chose Wonolo

But first, what is Wonolo?

Ruth Chew: Wonolo's mission is to make work fulfilling and flexible for frontline workers. What this means in practice is if I'm a warehouse worker, I can pick which companies I want to work for and which days I want to work. And that gives me the power to set my own schedule. At scale, we envision a world where anyone can open our app and immediately get work. Whether that's just for an afternoon to fund birthday presents for their kids or if it's for a long term contract that then leads to a full time job.

Why did you choose Wonolo?

Charmaine Ho: I chose Wonolo because I really believed in the company's mission of connecting people with jobs that work for them. One thing that stood out during my interview process was I felt like I wasn't the only one being interviewed and that I had a chance to interview the company itself, ask some questions, and just make sure that it would be a really good experience for me as well.

What projects do interns get to work on during their time here?

Kat Butler: It's never a dull moment on the Wonolo Engineering Team. There's so many different types of challenges and problems that you'll get to solve and work on. You'll get to work on new features like building out new A.P. I.s Or adding new flows or screens to the mobile apps. You can also be helping with improving our legacy code base in lots of different ways, like coming up with new architecture and pattern ideas, improving the performance, or solving tricky bugs.

What is it like to work at Wonolo?

Mohammed Sahl: I would describe the culture as mission driven and always thinking forward. The employees, or as we like to call them, the Whammies are always in the loop about how the company is performing. So every other day we have updates about the latest financials, along with other tidbits of information like events, team updates or new hires. Also remote working is really cool because there have been countless occasions where I took a quick thirty minute nap and got right back into it, no problem. Finally, I really enjoyed the mentorship I received from Oubai who's the Senior Android Developer on the Wonoloer team and I would have questions about the tasks I'm working on, technical stuff, career stuff, life stuff, and he helped me out with all of it.

Gobishan Vijikaran: Working remotely with Wonolo has been easy. During the work that the team is active online and almost everyone is reachable in just a couple of minutes. They're always willing to hop on a call to help me with some of my questions. Aside from that, the virtual social events are a great way for us to get to know one another.

Kat Butler: When you join Wonolo as an intern, you can expect to be working on high impact projects just like the full time engineers. You have a dedicated mentor to help you during your work term and set you up for success. You'll be able to work with your mentor to come up with goals for the terms such as skills you want to improve on or new technologies you want to learn, you'll get constant feedback on your work through pairing sessions, code reviews and one on one chats. You can expect to be contributing to architecture discussions, give feedback during design critiques and work with other engineering teams. We don't let the fact that we're a remote company get in the way of being a collaborative team.

What advice do you have for students looking to apply to the program?

Mohammed Sahl: When applying, highlight relevant experience and projects in your resume. So, for example, did you work on a side project? Awesome. Put it down. Wrote an article about a new framework? Excellent. Put it down. Uh, gave a talk about a technical topic you're passionate about? Fantastic. Put it down. Show your passion in the field and your passion to learn new things and all the best.

Interested in working on impactful projects?

Check out wonolo.com/careers

Mariak Achuoth: What you need to do is to take that golden opportunity and come to find me later. Peace.

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