Meet #WLPC Presenter Chris Avants

August 15, 2022

Chris Avants from WiFi Training talks about his course and what he's looking forward to at #WLPC Prague this year.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chris Avants, Principal Instructor / Author, WiFiTraining.com

Chris Avants: Hey guys Chris Avants of Wi-Fi Training I'm going to be instructing a course at #WLPC EU this year. at #WLPC EU this year. at #WLPC EU this year. at #WLPC EU this year. A little bit about me, I have been in the Cisco Wireless game for over 20 years, a while now. I've been teaching over the last 10 years all over the world so I know a lot of you guys. This 9800 course is a brand new exclusive program that as an ILT version as an ILT version as an ILT version - we've developed for instructor led environments and it comes with a new workbook that we've released. it also actually updated the wireless workbook for Cisco 9800s We're gonna spend the first day and a half going real deep on the 9800s and learning how to deploy different solutions with using 9800 controllers and 9100 series APs. And then we're gonna spend the next two days breaking things and learning how to fix them on the 9800 controllers. So it's a very good course. You're gonna walk away 100% more confident with 9800 controller platforms. It's for... WLAN pros who have been working with Cisco in the past and have experience deploying controllers in the past and are basically moving to or planning to move to the 9800 controller platforms in the near future. So it's gonna be a great course as I said, we launched it in Phoenix this year at the #WLPC US It's sold out within the 1st 48 hours space is limited. So definitely register early if you want to attend this class. And I hope to see you guys there, It's been a bit since all this COVID stuff and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys. So getting across the pond, Prague is a great place we'll see you guys there.

What should our attendees expect if they were to join your class/presentation?

Chris Avants: All right, so for those of you guys lucky enough to register early and get in this class, you guys are gonna be walking away with a bunch of things. So first of all, Wi-Fi Training always provides some exclusive swag for students who attend our courses at these events. So that's cool. You can only get it here and during events like this. The second thing is you're gonna be getting the wireless workbook for Cisco 9800 series controllers. Now we get to go through a lot of labs in the class, but there's a lot more labs in the workbook. So you'll have the workbook itself, you'll get additional lab time on our racks after the class to be able to use, you can book it in as little as two hour increments. It's also written in a way so that if you have a 9800 or if you want to deploy a 9800 cloud in your own lab, you can use the same workbook for that environment as well. Of course you need Cisco ISE for part of it as well. So all of that's there and we're gonna be covering what's new with the 802.11ax and 6gigahertz, how that impacts things. All that kind of fun stuff. All your 9K questions will be answered and then we are going to be giving you a copy of the digital version of the Cisco 9800 Rockstar as well. So everybody that attends, is going to get a lot of cool stuff, a lot of knowledge, you're gonna walk away 100% more confident with the 9800 controllers. I promise you that. So just make sure you get in. Actually, I feel bad. Actually, I feel bad. We've only got so much lab space and we had to turn away people last time. So, maybe you're coming to Prague if you couldn't make it in the Phoenix one, but maybe we won't have that problem. So, good luck and hope to see you guys there. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

What are you most looking forward to at #WLPC this year?

Chris Avants: The thing I look forward to about WLPC The thing I look forward to about WLPC The thing I look forward to about WLPC events every year is, I'm sure one of the things you guys look forward to if you guys end up attending several conferences throughout the year, and that's the community man just getting to see you guys and interact with you guys and having time to sit down and talk with so many of you hang out and grab a pint. All that kind of fun stuff that we get to do at these conferences. Whenever we go, whenever I do some of the bigger conferences and stuff it's so rapid. the bigger conferences and stuff it's so rapid. I feel like I barely get a chance to see anybody and then before I know it is just over and that was it. it's crazy how fast time flies at some of these events but you know this is really a community event by the community for the community. The speakers are part of the community. You know it's a lot of the people that are attending they're sharing what they know and they're getting information from other people who've come that are again part of the community. We have time to sit down and talk to each other. We've got time to say "hi" and all that kind of stuff and a lot of these bigger events, unfortunately, are losing that because of the scale of them. They're just massive and they're very focused on sales and marketing which you know sometimes takes a lot of people away from the event. This is not one of those events so if it's your first time coming to WLPC so if it's your first time coming to WLPC so if it's your first time coming to WLPC so if it's your first time coming to WLPC I think you're gonna be pleasantly surprised at the way these events are ran and the way they're operated. And the amount of time you have to to get to know each other and to build those critical industry relationships and if you've been there before well then you know what to expect. So bring some great talks this year. I'm looking forward to those as well. Always learn a lot from you guys and and it's great hearing a different perspective as well. it's been a while since I've been across the pond thanks to Covid and I'm looking forward to that as well. Getting over there to see you guys. So looking forward to seeing you guys soon see you there.

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